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7:13Where is the best fit for Kevin Love? | The Jump
Where is the best fit for Kevin Love? | The JumpРет қаралды 277 М.Күн бұрын
7:08Is Anthony Davis taking away MVP votes from LeBron? | The Jump
Is Anthony Davis taking away MVP votes from LeBron? | The JumpРет қаралды 145 М.Күн бұрын
7:05'The Rams are finished!' - Stephen A. | First Take
'The Rams are finished!' - Stephen A. | First TakeРет қаралды 259 М.Күн бұрын
1:12:56Fantasy Focus Live! Week 14 Recap
Fantasy Focus Live! Week 14 RecapРет қаралды 18 М.Күн бұрын
7:12Stephen A. gives props to Jimmy Garoppolo … sort of | First Take
Stephen A. gives props to Jimmy Garoppolo … sort of | First TakeРет қаралды 163 М.Күн бұрын
4:37Rex Ryan to the Patriots: Cry me a river! | Get Up
Rex Ryan to the Patriots: Cry me a river! | Get UpРет қаралды 54 М.Күн бұрын
3:40Pat McAfee: Crown Lamar Jackson as MVP right now! | Get Up
Pat McAfee: Crown Lamar Jackson as MVP right now! | Get UpРет қаралды 44 М.Күн бұрын
7:21Anthony Davis breaks down 50-point performance vs. Timberwolves | NBA Sound
3:14Trae Young racks up 30 points in Hawks vs. Hornets | 2019-20 NBA Highlights
1:05:13College Football Playoff Rankings Reaction: Selection Day | ESPN College Football
6:22Stephen A. gloats after the Cowboys’ loss | Get Up
Stephen A. gloats after the Cowboys’ loss | Get UpРет қаралды 62 М.4 күн бұрын
5:01What is going on with Nikola Jokic? | Jalen & Jacoby
What is going on with Nikola Jokic? | Jalen & JacobyРет қаралды 177 М.4 күн бұрын
4:56Joe Burrow's best moments as an LSU Tiger | College Football Mixtape
Joe Burrow's best moments as an LSU Tiger | College Football MixtapeРет қаралды 48 М.4 күн бұрын
31:51Countdown to GameDay: Week 15, Georgia vs. LSU | ESPN College Football
Countdown to GameDay: Week 15, Georgia vs. LSU | ESPN College FootballРет қаралды 22 М.4 күн бұрын
5:40Anthony Davis: Lakers have their mind set on something special | NBA Sound
4:04Carmelo Anthony: It was fun playing against LeBron James again | NBA Sound
5:06Reaction to Knicks firing David Fizdale | ESPN Voices
Reaction to Knicks firing David Fizdale | ESPN VoicesРет қаралды 94 М.4 күн бұрын
3:17Teddy Atlas breaks down Andy Ruiz Jr. vs. Anthony Joshua 2 | Daily Wager
Teddy Atlas breaks down Andy Ruiz Jr. vs. Anthony Joshua 2 | Daily WagerРет қаралды 200 М.4 күн бұрын
6:18The Knicks are the Dallas Cowboys of the NBA - Jalen Rose | NBA Countdown
6:34What if LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony had teamed up? | The Jump
What if LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony had teamed up? | The JumpРет қаралды 362 М.4 күн бұрын
7:11Richard Sherman defends Tim Ryan's comments about Lamar Jackson | First Take
6:44Stephen A. reacts to the Cowboys losing to the Bears | First Take
Stephen A. reacts to the Cowboys losing to the Bears | First TakeРет қаралды 440 М.4 күн бұрын
1:17:09Fantasy Focus Live! Week 14 Preview
Fantasy Focus Live! Week 14 PreviewРет қаралды 30 М.4 күн бұрын
6:08Jason Garrett has lost control of the Cowboys - Damien Woody | SportsCenter
15:27NFL Live predicts winners for Week 14 of the 2019 NFL season | NFL Live
3:35Devin Booker or Brandon Ingram: Who has been better this season? | The Jump
6:10What is Kendrick Perkins' Timberwolves temperature now? | The Jump
What is Kendrick Perkins' Timberwolves temperature now? | The JumpРет қаралды 194 М.5 күн бұрын


  • I agree with Scottie

  • Back to Minnesota....the defense will be terrible but they hit a lot of 3s🤷🏾‍♂️

  • I bet Sierra Canyon has the potential to beat Knicks for sure

  • That was smart cp3

  • Huge effort for a big L

  • Bron sound like money Mayweather in the post game... Who would've known he could bounce that basketball into a billion dollars 💪

  • There was a lot of booing but I saw a few Indy fans holding up signs supporting PG and cheering him on. He got 36 pts and made 7 3's this game. PG so smooth

  • If they cheated again, and I really think they did because thats what reports are starting to confirm, they need to be punished and punished badly. They should have to forfeit the game against the Bengals. I am sorry but this team has been cheating for 20 years and has only been slapped on the wrist for it. Enough is enough. Money doesnt seem to matter to the Patriots, draft picks dont seem to matter to the Patriots but you know what does matter, wins matter. Its time to get tough on these cheating assholes.

  • lebron knows where to play, he always finds the weak spot to reach finals only to loss, west is not better than east now

  • Mahomes will have a better long term career than Lamar because Lamar runs a lot and he will eventually get injured doing it, unfortunately.

  • Giannis is the best player in the league. Not to mention he is being more calculated, knocking down jumpers/ 3's, and getting his teammates involved on kick outs. The Bucks have learned how to move the ball very well and it's hard to defend. Their bench has stepped it up and their defense is real good. If this team stays healthy they will get to the finals and win it all. They remind me of Toronto last year but better.

  • 1on5! 1on5! 1on5! Jordan DID NOT AND COULD NOT DO THIS! Bron had NOONE ELSE LIKE JORDAN! Bron made it past!!

  • Kings just beat Houston

  • This show should be called 5 clowns and Adam Schefter

  • Of course LeBron would want to be MVP but he’s grown, he and AD have on goal in mind and that’s a ring. LeBron would much rather be a champ again then be mvp.

  • 44! Wow..... that's horrible. Time to make some changes. Lol

  • "What else does Luka Doncic need to do to be considered one of the greats?" it is simple: He needs to get older. You can be "one of the greats" when you end your career and see what you achieved.

  • Wheres the best fit for kevin love? Retirement 🤣

  • Giannis needs to get himself a mid range, Post up, or 3pt shooting package. He's already a great passer & a scary finisher in the paint. But can he hit a one dribble pull up from deep when Kawhi builds a wall & makes Milwaukee pay for it? Can he become efficient enough with his back to the basket on the block, Can he pass, dribble & finish with or without the double team? That's what makes him best ever, If he can attain some further skills there will be no stopping him.

    • Clearly u ain't watched the bucks this season lol

  • that alley hoop pass from bronny. you cant teach that


  • 3 words, Win A Championship.

  • Knicks not gone ever win a thing. They not gone get no superstars & they gone stay 🗑.

  • He plays a lot like Patrick Mahomes. If you think this comp is crazy watch the guy throw outside the pocket and devastate good defenses with quick and efficient legs. Super smart player, makes great decisions. Great accuracy and will to win. Maybe his best trait is that he is a great competitor. Only concern for the NFL is that he seems to have a cold personality, something seems off about him in interviews. “Joe Burrow is Football” is right on target in regards to his personality. He may not know anything else well enough to be engaging. Can improve on that as time goes on. Aaron Rodgers has a very odd personality and has overcome that with his talent. Risk with odd personality is that teammates could turn against him and fans may not embrace him until he wins big. Mahomes is the total package great talent great personality. Bengals do not face as challenging of a decision as the Cardinals did last year with Kyler Murray. Kyler very weird personality plus he did not fit the prototypical NFL frame and add in the baseball threat. I’m still taking Burrow at #1 overall if I’m running Cincinnati, immense talent.

  • I didn’t want to but after I watched this live, I said, he just did what Jordan couldn’t do. That was ONE ON FIVE! Bron is goat

  • This dude surely developed into a great leader...

  • Clemson may not play very many tough teams throughout their regular season schedule, but history and the scoreboard shows that when they do face really good teams in the playoffs(Ohio St, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Alabama TWICE) they still step up and wipe the field with those "tough teams". Just remember how Clemson plays once they get into the playoffs...they play LIGHTS OUT other teams...we're CLEMSON and we're gonna win!!! See any of you doubters on January 13th when Dabo is holding the National Championship trophy AGAIN!!!

  • Golden State

  • The niners had 7 more penalties than the aints and Sean Payton still crying 😂

  • Just imagine Wilt play against Harden... Ahahahaha

  • Theres absolutely no need to throw MJ comparisons at him, let Luka live, build his own legacy, greats require multiple years of dominance sheeesh

  • said it few yrs ago, rockets just meshed bunch of stars and hope itd work. they did dwight and jeremy lin dirty too.both of them signed with rockets because they thought they were going to be the primary option on center and pointguard position. they don't scout and develop their own talents.

  • God ESPN is such a joke now

  • Marcus shouldn’t be on these panels

  • and lebron is averaging this amount of assist has nothing to do with AD, but ad is scoring because of lebron's assist, what a logic. THESE IDIOTS SUCKS

  • Jerry is the number 1 problem, we really don't know if Jayson can coach or not!....

  • Stephan: Brady has nothing Brady: Has 6 Super Bowl rings

  • People in those comments are so salty, you know athletes are humans too when they don’t feel good in an environment they have the right to leave + it’s not like he had a bright future in Indiana so calm down and try to understand instead of trying to make a point about a situation you never have and never will be into

  • If Luka’s name changed to Trae Young, Marc Spears would be all over him. Xenophobic af. Since last season

  • No wonder Brady was pressing so hard to keep AB.

  • The Nationals are dumb to give him this much. He's getting too old and is too fragile. He isn't worth what Gerrit Cole is worth and that's what Cole should be getting. How many decades are they paying him though?

  • Mexicans and black fighters been dominating for years... True talk

  • CP69. ..damm ratting era

  • Harden should have 3 mvp and lebron should be on 6

  • Why does this matter? The Lakers only care about winning. MVP's don't matter at all.

  • It was a little girl

  • Zlatan is a Legend! Closing in on 40 and still going strong! American football and the fans are fortunate to have the most famous Swede 🇸🇪 play in America! 🇺🇸 P.S. And yes, that the Real Football.

  • Adrian Peterson the goat goat

  • His promises are worthless!

  • Might be the first time ever where I agreed with max. Lol

  • The Clippers suck. The Lakers are a lot better. Time to get rid of the Clippers. They don't belong in LA.

  • Hey Max thank you for letting me know that the Chiefs were one pre snap penalty away from a Super Bowl Ive only heard you say about a million times

  • Love to suns

  • Kevin Love should honestly try to get on the Trail Blazers or the Mavs,, both teams are really one piece away from contending and on both teams the power forward position is up for grabs.

  • They’re 10-3. They won last year with an 11-5 record.

  • Giannis creamed them XD

  • 4:46 “Cheetah was Coming “😂 Tyreek Hill Got 99 Speed in real life.

  • Jerry Jones LOVES to CASTRATE his Head Coaches!! The GOOD Coaches don't put up with it and Leave. The BAD coaches stay, BEND OVER and LOSE!!

  • It's one game moron. And Mavs were garbage last year and didn't even make the playoffs. Now they second in the west. Chill. It's one game!!!

  • Niners for life!! But I love Steven A's honesty. Win or lose Jimmy G was a great pick up!

  • Luka is a point forward just like LeBron. Not a point guard.

  • The Fuckin Knicks!!! Maybe NYC could be just the place to elevate his career to a whole new level

    • Yeah going from a bad team to even a worse team.

  • Baker is a chunp.

  • cavs get beat by 47 no big deal knicks lose by 37 there is 6 videos made about every media out talks about how terrible the knicks are. then after firing the coach you hear how we have been a dysfunctional team for more then 20 years . so if i understand this correctly its ok to be champions one year then to be one of the worst teams a couple of years later no big deal but if you been trash for 20 years whoa whoa whoa stop the press you lost a game what a shocker smh i dont get it

  • Should be obvious Knicks will continue to be bad with Dolan.

  • Only chance they have is if the Vikings lose the remaining games and the rams win out. That’s it

  • Steve Mills. Poor guy.

  • That Vince Carter turn around 3 isn't out of this world! For real? I'm 47 and I can do that, I'm a 360 reverse lay-up in your 40s that's something you got to have game for w/skill and athleticism!

  • I’d fit perfectly with the rockets!

  • I respect Kevin Durant for his last comment.

  • The salary of Love is too high. It is not easy to trade him

  • So he is 43 and you guys are dumbly worrying about Lebron 😂

  • how is lebron ahead of a.d in mvp odds. a.d is a MONSTER on both ends and leads the team in scoring, rebounding, steals and blocks. hes also a front runner for defensive player of the year

  • by that logic, the rockets just lost to the kings, so what does that mean?

  • He’s goin to the mavs

  • He'll Never take them to the Finals.

  • I heard Nuggets are desperate to get him... They can offer P.Milsap+ Michael Porter JR...

  • I don’t feel sorry for the Patriots

  • Quality wins Texas a&m at UNC,Virgina 😭😭

  • George called it.

  • I wanted to see love go to the blazers but the defense will still suck so id say Dallas would be a interesting fit. Milwaukee, Jazz could use more help

  • STEPHEN A *I know my place* SMITH

  • Yes for raptors but there is no way Masai will trade Og 😂😂😂 maybe Stanley Johnson

  • Run the offense thru Russ smh

  • IDGAF if Cincy is 1 - 11, the patri-*CHEATS* would tape a pop warner team if they could

  • Max is the biggest tool in sports history right next to Marcelus Wiley....i wish they were still on sport nation together so I could avoid listening to their BS just by not watching 1 show

  • Cp3 and harden only one to read the handbook XD

  • The only reason the 49rs won was because they got the ball last. Both defensive was bad.

  • Max is the biggest hater in the world you been wrong for 4 years

  • Baker Mayfield is way too hyped. He came in garbage time and won a few games but hes a Blake Bortles at best . Pretty trash

  • Odell is made up of hubris, ego and injuries

  • Weren’t you on first take today saying tha pats still in good shape smh

  • Lol lakers?

  • Jared bell? 😂 poor you

  • To play Devil's advocate, I think that the reason a lot of General mangers don't tell their players that they're going to be traded is that if the respective trade falls through for some reason, the team is screwed. You're going to end with a player on the squad who knows he isn't wanted and is only there because a deal for his replacement fell through, and may not put in the same effort. I do believe that there are a few players who genuinely understand that the NBA is a business and wont take it personally and will put in the same effort after a deal to trade him falls through, but there there a lot of other players who may claim that they understand the business but will still have a hurt ego and will question playing for a team that tried to trade them. Secondly, a lot of players have been known to sit out of games when they're put on the trading block because they don't want to risk injury for a team that's trying to trade them; the team trying to trade the respective player now loses leverage since a dissatisfied player will be valued differently by the other team. Having said that, i don't think that such decisions are black and white, and should be evaluated on a case by case basis. Was Morey's decision correct in this particular case? I don't know.

  • 3:54 the defense only gave up 6 points, the other 6 was a pick six

  • PG need's to wear a Yellow Shoes! SICK! 😆😆 l Think that is her Lucky CHARM!

  • Max is taking it too far because he's a Brady hater. However, we have to understand that football is a deadly sport. It's a collision sport. People get hurt and Bellicheck was looking for a franchise QB. Sure TB recovered from his ACL but there's no reason to believe the legacy will last forever.

  • This is like when people say "guess what!?" Then you say what and they say "nevermind"............JUST F*CKIN SAY IT!

  • Dame,CJ,Melo,Love? Thats 0 defense