Rainbow Six Pro League - Season X Finals - Day 1

Жарияланды 2019 ж. 9 Қар.
After 6 months of intense continental competition, the eight best teams from Season X will meet in Tokoname, Japan, to crown a new Rainbow Six Pro League Champion.
This season’s conclusion promises to be unprecedented. As the two goliaths and previous winners, G2 Esports and Team Empire, did not qualify, one new team will earn its first sacred title in a global competition.
Will it be Natus Vincere or Giants from Europe? DarkZero or Reciprocity from North America ? FaZe Clan or Ninjas in Pyjamas from Latin America? Or Aerowolf or Wildcard Gaming from Asia-Pacific?
Tune in on November 9th and 10th to follow the action and get a first look at Rainbow Six Siege upcoming Operation.
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SCHEDULE (EST Timezone - UTC-5):
*** Friday November 8th / Saturday November 9th
7.40pm: Preshow
8pm: Opening Ceremony
8.15pm: FaZe Clan vs DarkZero
11.15pm : Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Reciprocity
2.15am : Aerowolf vs Giants Gaming
5.15am : Natus Vincere vs Wildcard

*** Saturday November 9th / Sunday November 10th
7.50pm : Opening Ceremony
8.10pm: Semi-Final #1
11.15pm : Semi-Final #2
2.10am : Reveal
2.50am : Grand Final
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  • This watching this

  • Everyone: R6 isn’t call of duty FaZe: Hold my beer

  • screaming tard on the commentary killing all the joy

  • I'd love to see Pro matches In casuals rank maps, like Oregon and Chalet

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  • “This is pre-recorded” R6S 2019 Esports

    • No shit, you want them to hop in a time machine for your dumb ass so they can stream it again? We got mr fucking "did you know socks come in pairs" mr "Careful the stove is hot" looking ass over here

  • 5:17

  • Did... Did they quote J Cole?

  • 1:20:00 - DZ v. Faze - match 1 - Bank 2:27:30 - DZ v. Faze - match 2 - Consulate 4:08:30 - NaVi v. Wildcard - match 1 - Kafe 5:07:30 - NaVi v. Wildcard - match 2 - Coastline

  • 10:55:51 Giants vs AERO cover and cover...

  • Esports in Japan (asia) are so big compared to what ive seen before. Very nice

  • First matchup starts at 1:12:00

  • Finals start at 8:13:44. You're welcome

  • i dont wanna know what DERPEH's kd is i wanna know what his weight is

    • the guys a fucking FPS gamer not a UFC fighter. Whats next you wanna know what Michael Jordan's gpa was?

  • 45:27 What is the song?

  • Is NAVI british/has british members?

    • @Ben Campbell oh ok

    • @TheZombieLoon I'm British and I was sure they were so I wanted them to win but then somebody said on another vod that they were Belgian so I was double checking

    • Yes , how come?

  • 3:44:00 what the song is it

  • Starts at 22:32 ^_____^

  • Who won Giants or Aero?

  • I wanna know the jacket website. Did anybody got that? 8:13:12

  • Games out of order lol.

  • Using GPU encoding looks terrible, so much macroblocking.

  • What happened to the last game?

  • Where's NIP game?

  • song name plssss ???

  • I am confused how this all works. R6 pro league, six invitational, qualification matches, esl, go4 cups, can anyone explain.

    • fuck me, im late

    • -Pro league plays out during 3(?) months, with a "league" format(3pts. win/1pt. draw/0pts. loss), and a the end of the season the top 2 teams(8 total) from each region face each other at a LAN event(PL finals). -Six Invitational is an anual event in Montreal were 16 teams can qualify(8 from PL, Raleigh Major winner(Empire), Dreamhack Montreal w.(TSM),OGA PIT w.(TBD), 4 online qualifiers(1 per region) and last TBD). It has the biggest prizepool. -Im not very familiar with ESL and go4.

    • AFAIK pro leagues are your daily league played quarterly (each season) with the best player qualifies for pro league final like this game. While invitational plays annually to mark each year. ESL is the league that coordinates highest level of e-sport, like FIFA in football. And the other major: Rayleigh, etc are held outside of pro league it's like a normal cup but sponsored by big names

    • R6 pro league is a professional league for rainbow six sponsored by esl. Six invitationals is a rainbow six event sponsored by esl. Qualification matches are matches that determine who enters into or is disqualified from a league or event. Go4 cup is an online tournament that anyone can sign up for and is also sponsored by esl. Esl is the Electronic sports league, similar to nfl, fifa, nba, and other sports associations / leagues

  • Lmao that guy always copies what zironic or the pro players say😂

  • 3:31:46 How do your servers die at lan? C'mon Siege. Your servers are why I stop playing for months at times. A lan event, really?

  • LET'S GO NA!!

  • The casting i s on fucking point 🔥🔥🔥

  • Anyone know where to watch reciprocity?

  • Aerowolf is actually in such a good position to go to the finals, dz is not a lan team

    • @ToxicityComplex Oh, I get it. Thanks for the explanation mate

    • @ToxicityComplex never-mind its in Japan

    • @ToxicityComplex So is this tournament in Montreal?

    • Sir. Nolan lan is basically local network. It isn’t online which is subject to latency, and other inconsistencies. It’s a much different feel from playing online.

  • Lolz rip giants

  • Those trades on aerowolf vs giants on coastline round 2... very very spicy

    • I wanna know the jacket website. Who got this 8:13:12

  • oh boy ... I can't wait to watch g2

    • @Timo_fs yeah mate real confusing

    • @Ryan Willis cause its r/whooosh

    • @Jonas van der Schaaf he doesn't even know what woooosh meant

    • @Jonas van der Schaaf ?

  • Anyway here’s wonderwall

  • That moment when you watch the stream but G2 or Empire aren’t playing :(

    • CeCe Laz3r but arent they 10x better than you?

    • CeCe Laz3r bruh

    • Henry Faulkner good, they are trash

  • when will g2 play?

    • Faintgaming ffs i waited for them to play for weeks

    • lol

    • Dampish g2 did not qualify for Japan

  • James is a REC hating ass fckhead lmao REC will win it for the finals