Using The Pen Tool & Paths In Adobe Photoshop

Жарияланды 2012 ж. 17 Қар.
In this tutorial I am going to demonstrate how to use the Pen Tool and Paths in Adobe Photoshop.
Link to example document:
GD Studio
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  • Excellent tutorial .Thanks a lot. We 'll be waiting for the next!!!

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="840">14:00</a> This shows how to delete the anchor points, but the shape/path always stays connected. How do I break a hole in the path/shape... For instance... I draw the whole apple, but then i decide to delete a side out of it and instead put a worm coming out of it.... and i don't want the outline of the apple covering it up. In this video, and when i do this, the path always stays connected and the more points that are deleted, the lines just stay connected and it keeps looking like a circle. i want a "C."

    • actually, i think i figured this out myself... instead of using the delete tool. i click off the path with the direct select (white arrow) tool to be sure no points are selected. then i click on the point exact point i want to delete with the direct select tool and hit the delete key on my keyboard. not sure if there are other ways. but this works for me.

  • Respects to you man. Your spacing in words, your language, your pronunciations, your English vocabulary, grammar, its all excellent. I liked hearing your video. Your given info was also excellent. Please keep making videos. I am your fan forever.

  • Very clear and precise Pen tool tutorial... Thanks a lot Gareth.

  • Do you have an updated version on this Video for the newer features ?

  • Amazing tutorial...

  • thank you

  • How do I go back and alter the size and color of a stroke path?🙂

  • Whatever you did out there was seriously awesome

  • PPAP - pen pineapple apple path

  • Excellent tutorial. Thank You for sharing your knowledge. Much appreciated.

  • Thanks A Lot!

  • Amazing tutorial! Thanks! Been trying to figure out Pen for awhile. You made it so easy.

  • 太啰嗦

  • thank you very much,i learned so much from you . good work

  • Thanks for this very very good, clear and easy to follow intro to paths. However, there are so many more amazing functions paths can fulfil, which I'll attempt to address in my own video. I've become a proper path geek in recent years, and discovered a few amazing 'tricks' which wander entirely off the beaten track into more creative realms, with surprising results.

  • when i come to add path to the blanks between the pineapple it gives my a new layer and new path layer, please help what to do?

  • Amazing tutorial! Anyone else really want to eat fruit now?

  • This is an amazing tutorial. It covers a good range of the basics of the pen tool and paths. Very well explained, a good pace, relevant examples. Thank you!

  • I spent whole day looking for PEN tool tutorial and this is BEST

    • I have Pen,i have an Pineapple. .uhhh Pineapple pen

  • Excellent tutorial, thank you very much !!!


  • thank you

  • Excellent tutorial. Many thanks!

  • I got stuck at the part you started stroking your banana. 😳. Can you please go over stroking your banana again, then make sure you wash your mouse 😕

  • very arranged step by step clean tutorial...anybody can learn ...thanks .

  • I have a pen I have an apple --Ahh -- Apple pen I have a pen I have pineapple --Ahhh- Pineapple pen Apple pen Pineapple pen -Ahhh- Pen Pineapple Apple Path....Tintin tin tin Love you Master Garet....Thank you for all these wonderful tutorials

  • Really articulate and succinct, thank you!

  • excellent!! thanks!!!

  • Very detailed and informative, thanks :-)

  • Brilliant tutorial!!!

  • Awesome video thank you so much! New to pen tool its awesome.

  • Thank you.

  • its very nice..... Thank you sir....

  • Very good! You use a somewhat different approach than I have seen from others. It's good to know different techniques and I appreciate this very much.

  • I wish you would have explained what the reason you would USE the pen tool in the beginning. You showed HOW to use the tool very well, but I really still don't have a good idea WHY I would want to use the tool in the first place!

    • Manahimik ka gurang. Ni hindi ka nga nagpasalamat may ganitong tutorial e.

  • Very good, very clear. Thank you

  • Before I watched your video I thought that I will never learn hot to use the pen tool. Thank you very much for this tutorial. You are awesome!

  • This is one of the better tutorials on the pen tool that I have seen.

  • There isn't any pen tool tutorial on youtube nearly as good as this one. Thank you TastyTuts and sending good vibes to Mr. Gareth David

  • Not really related, but i need to ask.I feel like a newbie even though ive been using Photoshop for about 15 years. But as of yesterday, when i use the magic wand tool on a selection and then fill it in, im not getting anti-aliasing! I think I accidentally hit a shortcut key that i don't know about. I'm used to Photoshop on a PC, but im now using mac and yesterday i was fumbling around for the new layer shortcut, so it probably happened then. The Anti-aliasing box is ticked on everything, tolerance at 0 (and 32 for the wand). Bicubic/smooth for gradients is on (sometimes i switch it to hard edges for Pixel art). Filling a selection through the marquee tool gives me smooth edges, but if i then select that same area with the magic wand it fills as a jagged pixelated edge. Im not using paths or anything like that, just basic selection and fill. What the heck have i done??

  • Excellent tutorial

  • Usually your tutorials are spot on Gareth, and I LOVE them, but this one has problems with the inner 'negative space' shapes of the pineapple at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="561">9:21</a>. When I do this on my CS6 Mac version or on my older PC version, those negative space shapes are just part of the bigger outer shape. When cut or copied to a new layer the negative spaces are not there. So a teacup, for example, is just one big shape with no hole inside the handle.

    • Yes he missed out you should go up to the selection tab, for instance, and scroll down to detract from selection. Otherwise best tut I've seen on pen and paths. Usually the uploader simply whisks through everything assuming the viewer knows how to manipulate/work with the paths.

  • The poshest tutorial ever. Love it

  • Absolutely the most helpful tutorial on the Pen Tool out there. Concise and something that will really boost my skill set and productivity! I'm a fan (and subscriber)! Thank you!

  • Awesome! Good work. Thank you

  • Fantastic tutorial. I needed to know every single one of those techniques and now I DO. Cheers, mate!

  • Excellent tutorial. Thank You for sharing your knowledge. Much appreciated.

  • Very helpful and detailed tutorial.Thanks

  • Thank you for making such a through tutorial.

  • Could have used refine edge around the pineapple to expedite the amount of points. Just trying to help save some time for people who are crunching for time. Good teaching style and great examples though! Throughly enjoyed this as a refresh getting back into PS after 2 years away... if you don't use it... you loose it.

  • Nice tutorial indeed. It is so much helpful. We will follow this. Thank you for sharing.

  • Thank you from the bottom of my humble heart, you are my master.

  • Thanks so much for this excellent tutorial. I learned so much from you! Keep up the good work!

  • Nice one!

  • You are an amazing tutor! Thanks a lot! :D

  • Excellent tutorial - how anyone could fault this with a 'thumbs down' should show us a better one :)

  • You're a great teacher. I've learned loads of new things from your video. Thank you!

  • Useful, Thanks alot.

  • well explained! Thank you so much!

  • 👍..Tnx for sharing such a great video

  • Well done I liked and subscribed

  • million thanks mate, spent ages scouring the net for a clear cut tutorial and just remebered you do great vids, solved the problem I had trying to get the pen lines to show up for printing, you've got the patience of a saint to be able to go over all the details like that, keep up the good work.

  • Very useful, thanks for sharing.

  • really clear, easy to follow, helpful intro to paths! thanks!

  • Great job! Amazing tutorial. Helped a lot! Thank you.

  • Excellent and organized...This was very understandable and clear. Thanks! Paths and Pen are now understood.

  • really great teaching.....

  • Thank you! This help a lot !

  • Thank you, this helped a great deal


  • Really good tutorial! I have been struggling with the pen tool for ages so this was really helpful

  • Really great work, i got alot off from this tuts, thank you Sir... But i want more tuts like it..will u help me

  • Very Informative, comprehensive, and most importantly very well explained, Ur tutorials are top notch. Subscribed.

  • Wow! I just love your videos!! This is the second one I've watched, and I absolutely love them. You sound very knowledgeable and experienced. Thanks so much.

  • Best pen & path tutorial I have seen.

  • Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooo much, this was a BIG help

  • Its funny I'm going to school for this stuff...its amazing on how much you forget.

  • OH MY GOLD! Thank you so much. First tutorial that explains in detail how to use the pen tool!

  • Hi, the video is indeed HD, if you have low bandwidth it will set the quality to low, click on the cog icon, bottom right of the video player, and you can toggle the quality there...