Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 - Yerzhan Maxim - Armanyńnan Qalma - LIVE - Junior Eurovision 2019

Жарияланды 2019 ж. 24 Қар.
Yerzhan Maxim represented Kazakhstan at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Gliwice-Silesia with the song Armanyńnan Qalma.
Read more about Yerzhan Maxim here: junioreurovision.tv/participant/yerzhan-maksim


  • So good that Yerzhan Maxim had dancers - that was the missing point in the 2018 Kazakhstan staging by Daneliya Tuleshova ....but Kazakhstan learns from year to year ....and soon they will be #1

  • Nice! Grettings from Poland! 🇵🇱 ✨

  • Czy tylko mi się to wgl nie podoba ? Uważam że ta piosenka to tylko darcie

  • Napewno nas nienawidzi 😂😂

  • Pulpet xD

  • Najlepszy występ na eurowizji jak dla mnie ale każdy ma prawo glosu

  • Супер, умничка! Шикарно!

  • Господи хоть бы голос не поломался у нашего талантища🙏

  • Талантищщщще!!!! Бравооооо!!!! Но мальчику надо худеть...((( Пожалуйста обратите внимание!

  • I'm hallucinating, it's a real pleasure to have listened to the representative of Kazakhstan sing. I send all the inhabitants of Kazakhstan a very strong kiss and that congratulations on the second prize😍💓 greetings from Spain💓😍 🇪🇦x🇰🇿💙💛

  • хрустально чистый естественно звучащий голос... уникальный слух... этот голос на высоких нотах проникает в самое сердце... дух захватывает, а сердце щимит... 😘😘😘

  • what a beautiful show, a beautiful voice 😍

  • I still cannot believe that this is live! Amazing😍! Be proud of yourself little boy! I'm sure that you got more points in online voting when there was no first round. Kisses from Netherlands!🇳🇱

  • супер ән айтады

  • I cry every single time! Amazing 👏🏽

  • OMG ale mega śpiewa 😍😍😍

  • қой ,дым дауыс жок.стаканды біреу бурыштан аткан шығар.

    • Қуғынбай ия да ол шоу ғой ашейн кім айтсада сынбайд стакан,ал даусы бар оның керемет

  • Hi, im from Poland, but i came here to listen it once more, and for me he should win IT🤐

  • Increible!! 😍

  • Moim zdaniem powinien to wygrać

  • Dont be sad little man , you're a star that's getting bigger . I felt pretty sad too .but never give up ! Greetings from Poland 🇵🇱❤🇰🇿

  • He was second place by the voice kids Russia!!! But he is from Kazakhstan! I don't understand this!!!

    • in Russia can participate in other countries

  • Amazing

  • shouldve won 🤠

  • ẞ d do zoo raz zł od ale Amor do je ryb też

  • Wow incredible

  • Kazachstan you are amazing! 😍

  • как же обидно, что по телевоуту его утопили

  • 👌

  • Реально как в динейдел 🤗